About The Mentor


Garima is a Bangalore based portrait cum fashion photographer. With a keen eye for detail, color, and natural light, she creates original imagery for editorial and commercial clients across the genres of street, portraits, fashion, travel & aesthetics.

Hailing from the Fine Art background, The need for craftsmanship was instilled in her at a young age. Pursuing her education in photography at Light & Life academy, she is grateful to have been immersed in an environment of creativity and curiosity from the start. Before she learned how to make a photograph, she learned how to be an artist.  Portrait is when she is most engaged, most inspired and most challenged. Learning bits of a new language and culture, shooting the subjects from different angles, meeting local people, and taking in every element of a moment – sights, scents, sounds and feelings.  This is when she is most alive. The camera allows her to capture and share these moments.

Known for her uniqueness in the every frame she captures, her work is frequently shared by popular instagram accounts and she has been published in many notable photography magazines. She is also one of the top budding portrait photographers whose work you should never miss out.

About the workshop

Fashion, like thinking with our senses, is being physically in the moment. That is how it inspires, refreshes and entertains us. When fashion feels good, it is often a color or design statement that responds to a dream. Feeling good and looking good raises our spirit.

With an aesthetic approach you are more open to possibilities and potential. aesthetic Thinking is how to create your life with purpose. Your style is a response to what feels right. The fashion you wear may be personal, but everybody notices it.
Get ready to unleash the artist within you in a creative space with an artist-cum-photographer as good as Garima Chaudhary. This workshop will give you the space to explore a wide possibility of images within the genre of fashion photography and help you gain hands-on practical knowledge. It will also provide an opportunity to learn to experiment with lighting & camera configurations. Understanding the secrets of post processing will help enhance your images with a creative touch and aids you in creating a rather vibrant story.

What Is Unique ?

Master the art of Fashion Photography during a guided workshop where you work with an expert, who has years of experience

Head to a professional photo studio for a deeper understanding of the power of aesthetic lighting and how to create the ideal set for your clients

Learn post processing techniques: Discuss how to retouch a photo with software to amp up the finished result

Work with a model and makeup artists as you test out your newfound skills during a practice photo shoot

What We Cover ?

•Lighting   •Sets   •Careers in Fashion    •Posing and expression   •Pricing your products   •Moodboards   •The supermodel experience   •Post-production workflow 

•The psychology of aesthetic photography  •Branding  •Advertising   •Colour Correction



Tripod (Optional)

Light source such as flash


Studio Setup

Makeup Artist





11:00 AM - 7:00 PM

New Delhi
₹2999/- PER PERSON