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An Infrastructure manager by Profession my love towards wildlife started way back in 2010. Stared with taking photos of wild mammals and birds which increased the interest in knowing better which eventually turned into learning their behavior in their natural environment.After knowing the behavior of wildlife started documenting and teaching on different methods of learning to the people who have same interests.Have worked with different mentors in tracking of animals tried being up close to know their behavior.apart from that have also worked in the fashion industry for conceptual shoots and lighting techniques have worked with all kind of photography job quickly and effectively. Intimately familiar taking high quality digital photographs.

Kaziranga National Park

Our Photo Tour at Kaziranga National Park will transport you to the “Land of Giants“ as it is home to Indian Rhinos, Asian Elephants and Water Buffalo. It has often been compared to African parks because of the quality of the wildlife viewing. 


  • Welcome at Guwahati airport by our tour representative and directly transfer to Kaziranga National Park. 
  • On arrival you will be visiting the  forest reserves of Kaziranga National Park in the Burapahar range. 
  • This tourism zone of Kaziranga is located around 40 km from the central zone of Kaziranga National Park. 
  • The entry gate of this zone is situated in the village of Ghorakati on the National Highway and the first zone on the way to Kaziranga from Guwahati by road. 
  • Jeep safari in the Burapahar zone is the best way to explore the wildest side of Kaziranga. 
  • The Jeep safari starting point is the Rhinoland Park in the Ghorakati from where you can catch your Jeep Safari for this zone. 
  • The hilly landscape with the dense greenery makes this zone the best for the bird lovers. 
  • This zone has its own charm and is a very enriching experience to explore the forest up close. The Hoolock Gibbon and the Capped Langur can be primarily spotted in this zone along with a large number of Avifauna species. After that Check Inn at your hotel/guest house.

Night Stay: Kaziranga National Park

  • Early morning proceeds for a jeep safari in the Eastern range. The Agoratoli Range of the Kaziranga National Park spreads in the eastern side of the park along the National Highway near the Agartoli village. 
  • This zone is famous among the adventure-loving wildlife tourists and wildlife photographers as the zone is enriched with raw natural beauty and wildlife species. 
  • During the Jeep Safari in this zone, you can easily spot approx 250 types of Migratory Birds out of which the Crested Serpent Eagle, Grey Headed Fishing Eagle, Greater Adjutant Stork, Bar Headed Goose, Whistling Teal, Pelicans, Oriental Pied Hornbill, Great Indian Hornbill, Changeable hawk eagle, Brown Fish Owl, Spotted Owlet, Alexandrine Parakeets, Ruddy Shelduck, Black Headed Ibis,Spot Billed Ducks,Greenshank, Grey Headed Fishing Eagle,Brown Fish Owl,Bar Headed Geese, Lesser Whistling Duck, Bronzed Winged Jacana, Greater Cormorant, darter, Intermediate Egret, Little Egret,Large Egret,Grey Heron, Common Teal,Northern Lapwing, Grey Headed Lapwing,Black necked Crane, Stout Bill Kingfisher,White Breasted Kingfisher,Swamp Francolin,Red Jungle fowl, Common Mallard,Long Billed Vultures,Greater Coucal, Black Shouldered Kite,Indian Roller are worth mentioning. 
  • Grazing Rhinos in the thick bushy forest and the wild Buffalos or the herd of the Elephants can also be seen from a distance. 
  • There is no elephant safari in this zone so you have to rely only on the Jeep safari to explore the eastern zone of the Kaziranga.
  • Get refreshed and after lunch go for a Jeep Safari into the Kaziranga National Park from the Western Range at the National Park. 
  • The landscape of the Bagori ecotourism range of the Kaziranga National Park spreads in the western region of the forest and considered the best zone for wildlife sighting. 
  • The zone has a magnificently beautiful landscape with an abundance of wildlife species and lush greenery. 
  • The Jeep safari in the Bagori zone offers an amazing sighting of the Rhinos, Elephant, Swamp deer, Buffalos and many other wild animals. 
  • The Jeep Safari and Elephant Safari both are organized in this zone by the forest officials. 
  • The entry gate of the Western zone is located in the village of Bagori from where registered Jeeps are allowed to enter the park for the safari. After that come back to your hotel. 

Night Stay: Kaziranga National Park

  • Early morning after breakfast  go for a Jeep Safari into the Central range of Kaziranga National Park. 
  • This zone of the Kaziranga National Park is the prime zone for ecotourism in the Kaziranga forest. The wetlands, water bodies and highland with lush greenery makes it an ideal place for the avifauna and so the best for wildlife photography. 
  • You are not allowed to get down from the Jeep in between your forest safari. 
  • The Jeep safari offers you some spectacular sightings of the Rhinos grazing or wallowing in the large grassland, a herd of elephants consisting of adorable baby elephants to big old elephants and many other species of the wild flora and fauna in this tourism zone.
  • Later in the evening you will be visiting the Kaziranga Orchid and Biodiversity Park at Kaziranga National Park. 
  • The Kaziranga Orchid and Biodiversity Park is the Largest Orchid Park in India.

Night stay: Kaziranga National Park

  • After breakfast check out from the guest house and drop at Guwahati airport.

Kaziranga National Park

About the Park

Kaziranga lies in the flood plain of the Brahmaputra River in Assam, and has often been compared to African parks because of the quality of wildlife viewing. It is a home to more than 75% of the world’s population of the great Indian One Horned Rhinoceros. Kaziranga has a wide variety of fauna and avifauna in a unique habitat. Grasslands, mainly comprise close tangled and thorny rattan cane, elephant grass and tall trees of the evergreen forest, interspersed with numerous water bodies, marshes and shallow pools. The main wildlife besides the Rhino comprises the Asiatic Water Buffalo, Elephant, Tiger, Leopard, Swamp Deer, Barking Deer, Hog Deer and Sambar. 

Highlights of the Tour

  • Accompanied by Wildlife Photographer Ganesh Chandrashekar.
  • 3 Nights and 4 days in Wild India Exploration Wildlife field station
  • Rare hotspot for Tiger Watching and Photography Tour.
  • Best parks to see & photograph endangered tigers
  • Jungle safaris/game drives, in an open private vehicle (gypsy).
  • Average 6 Guests so no crowd. Max 10
  • Best for nature lovers & photographers of any skill level.
  • Less Travel, hence, Maximum time spent in the forest.



Our Photo Tour at Kaziranga National Park will transport you to the “Land of Giants“ as it is home to Indian Rhinos, Asian Elephants and Water Buffalo. It has often been compared to African parks because of the quality of the wildlife viewing. 

Other than the giant grazers, Kazirnaga plays host to bird enthusiasts as well as it is home to a variety of migratory birds, water birds, predators, scavengers, and game birds alike. More than 400 species of birds are found in the park.

Gear up for an immersive 4 day photo tour to the Kaziranga National Park and immerse yourself into the dense jungle experience with our wildlife experts.

Tropical climate makes winter season the best time to visit Kaziranga National Park. However, the best season to sight tigers would be the cold months (Jan – Mar).

Both Nikon and Canon produce very good, You will need a good size telephoto zoom lens, at the very least a 200mm lens, and ideally a 300mm lens. ALSO ULTRA TELEPHOT FROM TAMRON,SIGMA LIKE 150-600MM OR ANY PRIME LENS RANGING FROM300-600MM

Power in the lodges

Binoculars are very important. You will not always have the animals under your nose! A good pair of 8 x 30 or 8 x 42 would be ideal. The small pocket pairs can become frustrating to use unless they are a very good make.


  • Welcome at Guwahati airport
  • All transfers, pick up and drop
  • Double sharing accommodation on standard hotel/guest house for 3 nights
  • 4 nos jeep safari at Kaziranga National Park
  • Forest fees, road tax, society fees, permit, camera included for Kaziranga National Park
  • One forest guard for Eastern and Burapahar range
  • Two nos Innova,  Fuel and driver expenses included
  • 3 Nos breakfast + 3 Nos lunch + 3 Nos dinner included (dinner will be non veg everyday)
  • GST@ 5%
  • Meals & Water bottles other than mentioned
  • Other than mentioned above in the inclusion segment

Booking Amount Rs. 5,000/-

Total Package Cost: 30,000/-
Pay remaining amount before 31 Jan 2021

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