Product Photography Workshop

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Cost of the workshop : 999.00

Bookings close on : 5 Nov 2020

Total Seats: 50


 Schedule : 8 Nov 2020 @ 2 PM Onwards

Aditi singh

Psychologist by Qualification and Photographer by choice, Aditi started her voyage through this ken-speckled world of Photography in 2013 exhibiting her work in several group exhibitions, writing Photography articles for a website and teaching Photography to school students with Vidya and Child. Later, somewhere in 2015 she escalated to Product and Tabletop Photography exploring her creative streaks and artistic temperaments, adding flexibility and manifoldness in work with a desire to master the technicalities and out reaching the client’s needs. She has worked for agencies, artists, independent clients, etc. Apart from commercial tabletop, she also carved-up her time between Travel & Documentary Photography, Pinhole and Stock.

Aditi is a self taught Zentangle and Mandala Artist. Her other favorite divergences include reading, writing, music and gardening.

Workshop Highlights

We all admire the distinct beauty of the product that it acquires. It is everything about the details you capture, including the brand, style, and texture. The perceived value of your products and the trustworthiness of your brand is often judged on the quality of your visual content. Hence the role of product photography plays a big role in commercial space. Most of the visually stunning products are taken under the studio conditions where the photographer has the full creative control having high-end lens and equipment which provides high-quality realistic images

Gear up for a commercial product photography workshop with our mentor Aditi Singh. During this intensive workshop, you will learn how to style and take high quality, creative images of products. If you’re looking to improve your skills and capture professional, texturous , elegant images. That’s a great way to monetise your passion by working with brands, e commerce, catalogue shoots or producing high quality photos for your own business, blog, website.



  • Understanding the distinction & relativity between Tabletop/Product/Food/Still-Life Photography.
  • Purpose of Product Photography
  • Secrets of Product Photography Business
    •Portfolio Development
    •Space Setup


  • Career Guidance on product photography
  • Queries

Who can attend

Whether you are seeking a career in Product Photography, or an aspirationist in tabletop photography, whether you are studio photographer, a creative artist, an aspirational e commerce start up venturist,a buyer in e commerce  this workshop will enhance your thoughts both on creative and commercial aspects of product photography

This workshop is also open to photography hobbyists, novice, amateur and students who would like to explore and experiment with the different perspectives of photography.