Total price is ₹1999

Cost of the workshop : 1999.00

Bookings close on : 25 Nov 2020


Schedule : 

Session 1 – 6 Dec

Session 2 – 13 Dec

Session 3 – 20 Dec

Time : 6 PM to 8 PM per session + Demo & Review

Gurpreet Gulati

Gurpreet is a professional with bachelor’s degree in Engineering and MBA, followed by his passion and has worked in the sphere of training and photography for more than 14 Years. Gurpreet has a rich experience in technical and behavior training before he shifted his focus towards conducting photography workshops – a unique mix of left and right brain thinking.
As a professional coach, he has a unique way of training with guaranteed long term retention. His students range from students exploring photography as a hobby to corporates who are looking for a dash of creativity in their teams. Well versed with photography and videography, Gurpreet has participated in many new age photography competitions with great accolades.

Workshop Highlights

This 3 day total immersion workshop is the perfect combination of fantastic learning and expert Photoshop training. You’ll learn how to apply Gurpreet’s simple step-by-step workflow and image editing techniques to photos you shoot during the week.

Gear up for an immersive online session for strengthening your fundamentals with a mentor as good as Gurpreet Gulati and experience yourself in a long exposure workshop. In this workshop, our goal is to help you understand what is Photoshop and how you can master it. The class starts with the basics but moves into the wide range of possibilities you have at hand and most importantly, the practical techniques that you can use to bring out the best in Photoshop.


  • Any version of Adobe Photoshop, preferably not older than Photoshop CS6. Ideally Photoshop CC    (Creative Cloud).
  • Prior knowledge is not needed
  • Exercise Files are provided

The whole course content, including examples, techniques, exercises and quizzes have been carefully selected and refined to offer the most efficient and enjoyable way to master Adobe Photoshop.

This course has been purposely designed for users of all experiences, from complete beginners to existing Photoshop users, who want to take their skills to the next level. Being able to confidently work in Photoshop is an essential skill for any Photographer or Graphic Designer, but it is an equally useful tool for Retouchers, UI/UX designers, Web Developers, Digital Artists and various other areas within and outside of the creative industry.

What you Learn ?


Learn all the different kind of Selection techniques


Master Masking to be able to seamlessly combine images together


Learn how to retouch photos like a pro


Understand the differences and pros/cons between different image file formats


Learn useful keyboard shortcuts and best practices


Learn Photoshop from the very beginning the way a professional would use it

About the workshop

If you can think of it, you can make it with Photoshop CC, the world’s best imaging and graphic design software. Create and enhance photographs, illustrations and 3D artwork. Design websites and mobile apps. Edit videos, simulate real-life paintings and more. It’s everything you need to make any idea real.

A closer look at what you will learn:

  • First of all we will start with the basics, so you feel totally at ease with the interface, navigation, preferences, setting up new documents and applying simple adjustments to images.
  • The next chapter will teach you everything you need to know about one of the most crucial features in Photoshop, working with Layers.
  • Moving on you will learn about all the drawing tools and techniques, focusing on creating and working with Brushes and Vector Shapes.
  • The next chapters will walk you through core skills that are essential to work non-destructively in Photoshop: Transformations, Selections, Masking, Smart Objects and Adjustment Layers.
  • The next chapter is all about retouching techniques. You will learn the difference between technical and creative image retouching and all the features and techniques professionals use for enhancing images for adverts, movie posters and the beauty industry.
  • You will also learn about all the different types of image files, the pros and cons of each of them and how to work with the robust Adobe Camera RAW editor.
  • Next we talk about type in Photoshop, which can be extremely important when working on adverts and posters.
  • The final two chapters will ensure you understand how to save and export your work and learn more advanced Photoshop workflows including 3D Layers, the Timeline panel, Lightroom integration and so much more.

Skills you gain

Creating photo montages and combining images in various creative ways.

Retouching photographs like a professional, seamlessly removing or adding any details.

Enhancing tonal values, colour, contrast, sharpness, clarity, reducing noise and compression artifacts in images.

Exporting to various image formats for both print and screen with confidence.

Designing engaging compositions using photos, typography and special effects.

Creating digital art with the powerful Brush engine and using blend modes.