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Gurpreet Gulati

Gurpreet is a professional with bachelor’s degree in Engineering and MBA, followed by his passion and has worked in the sphere of training and photography for more than 14 Years. Gurpreet has a rich experience in technical and behavior training before he shifted his focus towards conducting photography workshops – a unique mix of left and right brain thinking.
As a professional coach, he has a unique way of training with guaranteed long term retention. His students range from students exploring photography as a hobby to corporates who are looking for a dash of creativity in their teams. Well versed with photography and videography, Gurpreet has participated in many new age photography competitions with great accolades.

Workshop Highlights

HDR stands for high dynamic range. When we see the world through our own eyes your brain and eyes work cleverly together to perceive many different shades. We can see detail in very bright sunny areas and also lots of detail in shadow areas. The processor inside a camera is by no means as powerful as our brain so struggles to capture detail in both bright areas and those in shadow. Although cameras increase their dynamic range with every new model that comes out they still have some way to go. Thankfully we have a way to get round this using HDR photography. 

All you need is your current gear and the power of Adobe Lightroom. It is a simple method of taking two or three shots with different exposures, to capture the shadows, mid tones, and highlight areas in separate images and then merging them in Lightroom or Photoshop.  Gear up for an immersive online session for strengthening your fundamentals with a mentor as good as Gurpreet Gulati and experience yourself in a HDR workshop. In this workshop, our goal is to help you understand what is HDR photography and how you can master it. The class starts with the basics but moves into the wide range of possibilities you have at hand and most importantly, the practical techniques that you can use to bring out the best in HDR photography

What you Learn ?


The practical definition of HDR photography


Applications and reasons for shooting HDR


Histogram basics – a key to understanding HDR


In camera setup tips


Post processing workflow

What is Unique

Strengthening your ideas in HDR

Understanding the method and science of bits & colours

Practical Demonstration & Review Session

Practical applications through post processing