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Ravi pursued photography as a hobby till he joined Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi in 1998 to learn the finer nuances of the craft.

With his photographs he tries to bring out the emotions attached with every subject- the state of happiness, feelings of being sad, neglect and plight. He wants the viewer to get involved with the photographs and feel the emotions. A chance assignment with a publication led to switching over from the hobby into a full fledged job. Since then he has been involved in Lifestyle Photography which includes Interiors, Food, People and Product. He has been associated with leading publications, advertising agencies and corporate clients and his work has been widely published in various books, magazines, brochures and on Web.

Currently based in New Delhi, Ravi is a Canon Photo Mentor and also a visiting faculty for photography at various Institutes. He is also a Co-Founder of a photography based organisation called “CAMERAUNLIMITED FOUNDATION”. The Organisation is involved in spreading knowledge and information related to photography through Workshops, Photo Walks and Tours. He has also curated a number of Photography exhibitions under the banner of “CAMERA UNLIMITED” involving upcoming and established photographers.

Workshop Highlights

Architectural photography has its own set of defined unique constraints that must be used like using the tools strategically so as to capture vibrant and dynamic photos of spaces.

The interior architecture photography involves adjusting the lighting as well as the position of the objects in a room in order to create the perfect mood and tell a story. Each space has a mood and a personality of its own. The main purpose of architectural and interior design photography is to shoot a compelling shot that captures the mood and personality of the said space. It intends to capture the very essence of that space with each shot.

Gear up for an immersive online session for strengthening your fundamentals with a mentor as good as Ravi Dhingra and experience yourself into the world of Architecture & Interiors Photography. The class starts with the basics but moves into the wide range of possibilities you have at hand and most importantly, the practical techniques that you can use to bring out the best in conceptualizing and understanding Aesthetics without the use of complicated equipment.


Understanding Architecture


Architecture & Interiors photography as a project/assignment


Learn Composition


Photography Equipment

Understanding Lighting

What is Unique

Photographers Guide to Architecture & Interiors Photography

Understanding Architecture

Architecture & Interiors photography as a project/assignment


Photography Equipment