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For some, photography is an ultimate passion and for some as a means of livelihood and fame. I certainly belong to the former category. A hobbyist, started serious photography about 45 years ago, during the film era. Have also been shooting in the digital format since 1997. It is said that a good / great photographer is one who can capture things that are not normally noticed. There are also a lot which are almost invisible to the human eye unless an effort is put. This was one statement which has driven me to the realm of high speed and extreme macro. Love to experiment new concepts / ideas mostly with DIY rigs for over 25 years.

Started with water drop photography in 2011 and shifted from the conventional collisions using 1-3 valves (which are primarily random with almost no control on the shapes formed) to Waterdrop Sculpting in 2013.

Presently developed the rig to use upto 8 valves concurrently and hoping to reach at least 12 soon.

In addition, sharing this knowledge acquired through such exercises has also been an intense desire and have mentored many in all genres of photography over the past 20 years.

Workshop Highlights

Waterdrop photography is all about timing. With their fascinating array of colours, reflections, and refractions, they make a great subject to photograph, producing some intriguing, abstract shots. It takes a bit of preparation and patience, but water drop photography can be simple, fun, and highly rewarding.

Chiiz brings you a masterclass workshop on learning how to take water drop photography with professional photographer B Narayanaswamy. This is a hands on tuition workshop where you will start by learning the basics of simple water drop photography including the setting up, how to light water drops and how to set up your focus point accurately for this kind of photography. Once you have grasped the basics we will move on to more advanced techniques to using our water drop equipment to accurately time the water drops and vary the effects.


Understanding Waterdrop Art


A brief historical background


Photographic considerations- Challenges how to tackle them


Various stages in water droplet photography


Where Art can be applied for professional career opportunities

What is Unique

Understanding the basics of Water Droplet Photography

Key elements of Water Drop Art

Using color combinations to bring out the Colorful drops

Tips and Tricks to capture the right shots

Practical applications through reviews