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Garima Chaudhary

Garima is a Bangalore based portrait cum fashion photographer. With a keen eye for detail, color, and natural light, she creates original imagery for editorial and commercial clients across the genres of street, portraits, fashion, travel & aesthetics.

The need for craftsmanship was instilled in her at a young age. Pursuing her education in photography at Light & Life academy, she is grateful to have been immersed in an environment of creativity and curiosity from the start. Before she learned how to make a photograph, she learned how to be an artist. Portrait is when she is most engaged, most inspired and most challenged. Learning bits of a new language and culture, shooting the subjects from different angles, meeting local people, and taking in every element of a moment – sights, scents, sounds and feelings. This is when she is most alive. The camera allows her to capture and share these moments.

Known for her uniqueness in the every frame she captures, her work is frequently shared by popular instagram accounts and she has been published in many notable photography magazines. She is also one of the top budding portrait photographers whose work you should never miss out.

Workshop Highlights

A style or type of photography and its aesthetic are something different. To understand aesthetic photography you have to know that it’s nothing like the other types of photography Aesthetic photography refers to the measure of appreciation of beauty in a photograph. Aesthetic photography is the creation of images with the intent of delivering beauty. Taking aesthetically pleasing photographs is not an easy undertaking. You have to know how to take photos that are attractive and stand out. You have to master the art of taking photographs to be among the best.

Gear up for an immersive online session for strengthening your fundamentals with a mentor as good as Gaima and experience yourself into the world of Portrait Aesthetics Photography. The class starts with the basics but moves into the wide range of possibilities you have at hand and most importantly, the practical techniques that you can use to bring out the best in conceptualizing and understanding Aesthetics without the use of complicated equipment.

Understanding Portrait & Aesthetic photography

Planning the Shoots & Travel

Monetizing & Branding the shoot

Best results with natural lighting

Tips and Tricks to capture stunning portraits

Career Guidance

What is Unique

Understanding What is Portrait and What is Aesthetic?

Strengthening the fundamentals Key elements of Portraits

Understanding different faces

Understanding Post Processing

Tips and Tricks to capture

Masterclass Images

Careers and Branding your Niche