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7-9 February, 2020

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  • Filmmaker/Visual Content Creator
  • Experience in Visual Content Creation over 5 years
  • Worked with a wide range of popular brands and big name in the film industry.
  • Worked on various award winning documentaries, digital ads, music videos and films.
  • Conducting Visual storytelling and photography walks and tours in the Himalayas. 

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Camera handling

Exposure, Light & Focus

UNderstanding codec

Introduction & Use

crop factor

Full-Frame, APSc, MFT(M43)


Genre, Tips & Tricks


Do's & Don'ts

branding & marketing

Build Your Brand Online


7 feb 2020

11:00 am: Arrival to Rishikesh

12:00 pm: Check in at Neer Ganga Resorts, Lunch and Rest

3:30 pm: Team Briefing and Overview of video Making

4:30 pm: Sunset shoot – 1st Topic

7:00 pm: Shoot review and Post Production  followed by Dinner

8 feb 2020

4.30am: Sunrise shoot at Kunjapuri Temple

6:30 am: Shooting Mountain Layers and Rays during golden hour

9:30 am: Breakfast At The Neer Ganga Resort

10:00 am: Shoot exercise in Neer Waterfall

12:30 am: Lunch followed by Time Lapse & Travel Film Making Exercise

7:30 pm: Footage reviews followed by dinner

9 feb 2020

8:30 am: Breakfast

09:30 am: Q & A Travel Filmmaking Reviews

12:00 pm: Check Out


This Retreat will enable you to create digital content e.g. Travel films, Travel vlogs. During the retreat you will learn to convert shots in a sequence. What kind of shots make your film beautiful. You will learn the craft practically and will get a chance to meet with other like minded people. 

Inclusions –

  • 2 nights stay with 6 Meals
  • From resort to Kunjapuri Up – Down
  • After check out drop to Rishikesh Market/Bus stand


  • Any kind of entry fee
  • Pick up at arrival in Rishikesh (We can arrange pick up on request)
  • Any Extra meal
  •  5000 INR on Double Sharing (For Two Nights)
  •  9000 INR on Single Accommodation (For Two Nights)
  • Accommodation will be in luxury Cottages
  • Six meals Included. 
  • Pick Up On arrival is not included in this.
  • Drop off to Rishikesh after check out is included in the price
  • For Single Room Supplement : Additional 5000 need to be paid
  • Travel cost to sunrise point is included in the price. 
  1. Camera
  2. Memory card
  3. Tripod


PHOTOGRAPHY & Videography

  •         What makes a good Photographer/videographer
  •         Mastering the exposure triangle
  •         Get the right exposure
  •         Manage your focus points
  •         Work on manual focus with cinema lens
  •         How to Move your camera
  •         Understanding different genres of Videography
  •         Geometry in photography/videography (Rule of 3rd, Leading lines)
  •         Take control of light
  •         How to shoot sequence
  •         Mastering the importance of Cuts

Booking Amount Rs. 2,999

Package Cost Rs. 6,999

Remaining Amount to be paid before 25 Jan 2020

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